Our best chance of survival

Only way to have a chance.

Only way you have a chance of survival is by being self reliant.

Now I’m not saying you should go build a bomb shelter and have half a year worth of supplies in your basement.

What I am talking about is being able to make decisions in an emergency situation that at the very least “do no further harm”. Maybe even better, you save your life or that of one of your loved ones.

Again, I’m not saying go all out and stock a small ER room from your trunk. Apart from it being costly it may be illegal to do advance procedures while off duty depending on your area. What I’m stressing is knowing enough to make your most valuable tool being your mind.

Some organizations have been pushing this idea for quite some time. American Heart Association has been stressing the importance of layperson CPR in an effort to get anyone that goes into cardiac arrest the best chance possible. I’m building on that idea and saying lets be self reliant with more.

I don’t want to take anything away from EMS and emergency systems but the fact of the matter is things happen. An ambulance even stocked with the latest tech and guidance systems can still get lost. It happens. What your gps system hasn’t ever made you take an unnecessary turn? Your top of the line iPhone or android phone never had a hiccup? Things happen.

A lot of what I’m saying may go into just developing common sense. And doesn’t the world need more common sense?

Common sense. Wait that would mean people wouldn’t call 911 just because their child feels warm. Patients wouldn’t call just because they need a ride to the hospital or to be seen quicker. It would mean patients wouldn’t call with a chief complaint that they already have prescribed meds for but they just haven’t been taking them like their doctor told them to. It would mean people taking responsibility for their actions and be conscious of what their decisions could produce.

Sorry for wasting your time…..I just don’t see it happening now.

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