Best call of the week. (link at end)

Not my call, but I heard about afterwards.
A unit was dispatched to an address for a serious burn call.
The comments in CAD were,
“Patient was smoking and dropped the cigarette down the hole for her Tracheostomy”.
That would in fact be a serious burn, but fortune was kind and the unit was cancelled.
Why were they cancelled?
“Caller states that patient coughed the cigarette back up and is OK now.”
Really folks, this is why I will never write a book. No one would believe I wasn’t making this shit up.
If the FDA could make a TV commercial with a person smoking through their tracheostomy hole (which I think they’ve done), then dropping the cigarette in the hold and COUGHING IT BACK UP, then the tobacco companies would be out of business in about a week.
My only question was if the “patient” finished the cigarette or lit up a new one?

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