Breaking news, medics don’t sleep as much as others.

A new article in JEMS writes about study that revealed that medics don’t get very much sleep. My first thought is, you needed a study to tell you that?!?! Come on JEMS are you serious? And then you rank medics as getting more sleep than police officers? Really? Where have you seen police officers working 36 to 48 hours? I have seen some medics do that. 


It even goes into how medics throughout the year will work approximately 180 hours more than the average person. Just 180? I did a little math based on the 120 hour work week of a medic on a 24 hour 48 off schedule. I came up with somewhere closer to 500 hours more worked by a medic than an average person with an 8 to 5 job. That’s with me giving the average worker 8 OT hours per week!!! 


JEMS thanks for reporting something we all already knew, but come on, 180 hours more than the average person was way under-balled.

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