Tourniquets in civilian EMS

More and more data is showing the need for all ems services to implement protocols with tourniquet use in place for rapid arterial or venous bleeds. This is a lengthy but very well written article by JEMS:

JEMS article

    • SARSpecialist
    • March 1st, 2012

    I think it would be a GREAT idea for all EMS folks to have a Tactical Combat Casulty Care Course (TCCC) and it supplements PHTLS with more core skills. EMS today needs to have the same equipment and skills as our military counterparts.

    Skills such as wound packing, application of tourniquets, use of hemostatic agents such as Combat Gauze are absolutly necessary in todays EMS service.

    • I agree. I couldn’t believe it when I heard some medics talking about a gunshot victim that had an arterial bleed and how they didn’t want to use a tourniquet. I think too many misconceptions still exist on tourniquets.

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