Dialing it Down a Notch

This is a great article on keeping calm no matter how stressful a situation gets. Everyone should read it but medics in emergency services should really pay attention to it. Here is a small excerpt:

“Bringing order to chaos. It’s hard to suggest a more important skill for an EMT.
Emergencies are chaotic. Heck, even non-emergent “emergencies” are chaotic. The nature of working in the field is that most situations are uncontrolled. Part of our job is to bring some order to it all, sort the raw junk into categories, discard most of the detritus, and loosely mold the whole ball of wax into something the emergency department can recognize.”

Here is the link:

Dialing it Down a Notch

Recently the FBI allowed a few of us in EMS to participate in a hostage negotiation training. While that is a job I would never want (think of an ems dispatcher with a hundred times more stress and 10 times less control) it did teach me a lot when it comes to interacting with hostile and aggravated people.

Aggravated people, really what other kinds of patients do we usually get 90% of the time?

I will post some of the tips soon.

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