International paramedic day

I came upon this link for a call to establish an international paramedic day. I think it’s a great idea and more should be explored. Here’s an excerpt:

Plan for action: The web is a great way for international communication and exchange. International Paramedic is a great platform for just that, it has some great and influential members, contributors and thinkers from around the world. We all know how underrepresented our profession is at times, how uneducated not only the public, but other professions can be towards our education and interventions. Time for an international push in the right direction!
Set a date: Nurses day was initially Florence Nightingales birthday. An appropriate date needs to be identified, ideally having something to do with someone who had great influence on EMS (along the likes of Dominique Jean Larrey perhaps?).
Set a timeframe. A day, a week, a month? Anually, Biannualy? Options to be explored.
Set an agenda: What International Paramedic Day should represent.
Get in touch with the WHO and UN – they already officially endorse a couple of other health related days.
Get in touch with various Paramedic Services around the world to implement such a day.

Link below:

international paramedic day

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