Government waste

Government waste is something we will always have. It is impossible to completely erase, just as vital to making a government function as politicians. I don’t think anyone will disagree that government spending is running crazy. It affects all of us and some of us in the EMS community are being affected more. Budget cuts are shutting down ambulance services, some that have been greedy are causing others to pick up the slack for patients that are being left to fend on their own.

I came upon this article by Andrew Napolitano and found it hit the mark right on the head. I am adding the link bellow but will quote him here:

The same Congress that professes outrage over the GSA and the Secret Service escapades does whatever it can get away with every day. It writes whatever laws it wants; it regulates whatever behavior it chooses; it taxes whatever events it thinks will keep it in power. And it does so with utter disregard to whether its work is permitted by the Constitution.

It isn’t everyday Fox puts up an actual fair and balanced article. I’m not picking on them, I understand each company has to protect their own interests. This one is a must read as we get closer and closer to the next election. We owe it to our future generations to buckle down and set up longer term objectives than just the next election.


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