Instapaper app review

I decided to write a small blog about the iOS application Instapaper. This apps main focus is on saving web pages for you to be able to read them later offline and in a stream lined format. The main benefit is you can easily read the type and a lot of the distracting ads and other clutter is cut from the version you read. Imagine reading the news article you are reading on yahoo or fox news but it turns it into the equivalent of an ebook. I am adding a link to a quick review of Instapaper on youtube. 

Now let me begin by adding that Instapaper is mainly a “reading” app. It will import some pictures and does it fairly well when it’s just a few in the title or in the main body of the article, but fails when the article is mainly pictures. The real benefit with it’s “offline” reading is that after you sync your iPhone, iPod or iPad it will save the entire article on your device so you don’t have to rely on your phone’s data plan. It frees up your wifi iPad from having to be hooked to wifi everywhere. You can easily search for a few articles, sync your iPad and then leave and have plenty to read on your commute or down time at work. 

It has adjustable fonts just like any of ereaders out there including kindle or nook apps. Dark mode to read at night (it turns the words white and the background black) and it is a universal app so if you buy it for one of your devices it will be available for any of your devices on that account. It works great on all iPads, iPod touch and iPhones. 

There have been a few versions of different reading apps like this that have recently been released for free. While some of them do deserve some looking into especially if you read mainly articles full of pictures, it is in my opinion that instapaper is the superior app even at 4 dollars. For example:

Instapaper is the only version that is able to use Safari with a simple bookmark button to  add whatever page you are on to your Instapaper read later list. This works with whatever version of safari you are using. So for example, you can be on your Mac laptop and click the bookmarklet and it instantly gets saved onto your read it later account. The next time you sync your devices the article will be there. Not many of the apps that are free can do that. 

You can be surfing the web on your iPhone in safari and see a page you would like to read later, you bookmark it with the instapaper tab and presto it’s in your reading list also.

One of the reasons I like Instapaper so much is it gives me the ability to save files from the internet that I can read later. Looking up some information on a medication you haven’t seen before, now you can save the page and read about it at leisure. Want to brush up on some 12-lead interpretation information? Done and now you can read about it while posting. Don’t have time to read all your favorite blogs at home with your ipad, just visit the sites and save them and you can read them at the station without the need for wifi. 

It’s a great app and well worth the money in my opinion. 

Youtube video link

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