6 Best Apps for Blogging iOS

I have compiled a list of the best apps I use for blogging while I am using my iPhone or iPad. Some of these apps are so good that I would not mind a version for my Mac to use them while I blog from my laptop.

To start I will say that some of these apps do depend on what platform you are using to blog. If, for example, you are mainly video blogging on youtube then these are not for you. I am concentrating on the more text or photo concentrated blogs. I am however adding a link to a youtube video showing examples of each of these apps in the near future. I am having trouble capturing video from my iPad and may have to make a photo collage video. Either way I will post the link in the near future, (hoping tomorrow. Hope, hope.)

So let me begin:

Blogsy – iPad only (for now). $4. In my opinion this is hands down the best blogging tool on the iPad. It can post your blog to Blogger, WordPress, TypePad, Tumblr and more. It can format your text and add photos and videos easily. It can create hyperlinks in your blog post without any coding and it will work effortlessly once you post. You can write and edit your HTML but, like me, you probably won’t ever do that because you can just edit your work and the app does the HTML edits for you. It can save local files that you can work on if your away from your wifi and can post immediately or at your scheduled time. Simply amazing. I have not run into any problems with it so far. I use a Tumblr and a WordPress account with it. (I have written to the app creators and told them that if an iPhone version of the app would be made I would buy it and they have stated they are still thinking about it but they have gotten some positive feedback about making one. I really hope they do.)



Tumblita – iPad and iPhone. Universal app. $3. Tumblita is an application for viewing and posting onto your Tumblr account. This is a weird choice for me in that it is at best a 4 star app. It doesn’t do everything I think it could and sometimes it fails. Tumblr unfortunately has been ignored by app makers on the iPhone and iPad and while this app is definitely better than the regular Tumblr app at times it leaves you wanting more. Posting is easy to do and reblogging something from one of the people your following is easy. Pinch to zoom is not seen, however, and many times I find myself using the ‘open in safari’ button. Still for one price you get both an iPhone and iPad app and if you use Tumblr unfortunately there is no better choice.



WordPress – iPad and iPhone. Universal app. Free. If you use WordPress as your blog platform this is really a no brainer. This is my go to app on my iPhone for blogging on the go since Blogsy still doesn’t have am iPhone app. It has quite a few features for editing HTML through links so I don’t have to learn code. You just highlight and then click what you want it to be, a hyperlink for example, and it does the rest. Posting is a breeze and you can even see some of your stats in the app. It is polished and for free so who can really complain?


Pastebot – iPhone and iPad (not optimized for the bigger screen). $3. This application is amazing. If you ever wanted a clipboard editor so you could just copy on a web page and then store different quotes, links, notes or anything else you want (yes even pictures) this is the one. You can turn on the app and then copy something in safari or from your notepad and it’s instantly in the app. The main clipboard can hold over 200 items, but you can create folders that hold as many as you want. I have one folder dedicated just for my EMS blogs and I can manage any of the items any way I want. I like to link to articles I read and give proper credit when I am quoting someone or talking about something I read online and this is perfect. I turn on the app, then I can copy the web address, copy a piece of the article I’m going to quote, copy the authors name, maybe a picture or two and then I can paste them as I want in my article. They’re all saved and a quick pop into the app to select which item I want to paste is all I need to switch from copied item to item. Simply a great time saver, I’m still looking for something this great on my Mac. Only downside is it is not a universal app and thus makes my iPad use the 2X feature when I want to use it there.




Pages – iPhone and iPad. Universal. $10. For anyone that says the iPad can’t compete with a normal laptop because of business oriented apps I put forth Apples iWork apps. With Pages you get a full fledged word processor for a fraction of the price a Windows based word processor costs. For 10 dollars you get a universal app that works on both the iPad and the iPhone. It can save in Apple’s pages format or Windows docx format. On both devices you can use it horizontally or in landscape mode. If you use iCloud you can sync your apps together. Whatever you are working on in one device will be saved onto your other device. This is great if you are working on a longer project and like to do minor touch ups on the go. If you add a bluetooth keyboard to your iPad with Pages you will have a laptop word processor with most of the bells and whistles that programs at 3 or 4 times the price range have.




Reeder – iPhone and iPad. Different app for each device. I have many RSS feeds I follow and if it wasn’t for Reeder I would never be able to read as many or keep up with some of the blogs I follow. It is a very easy to use program and once you set it up with your google reader account it syncs all your feeds. What makes this app shine in my eyes is the amount of extra tools it puts at your disposal. From inside the app you can send any story to your Instapaper, Readability or Pocket accounts. It is a one time set up and then it is fluid in sending the items. It can open the link on Safari or if you want it can save the link so you can paste it into your blog. The only downside I see is that it is not a universal app and you have to buy a separate app for each of your devices. I really like the way it works so I went ahead a bought them. I did place this at the last app because in reality you don’t need this one as much as the others to blog well. It does make it easy to get inspiration, however, since you can read the headlines and blog about whatever your interests are. I have feeds from EMS blogs to music to photography to the latest trend in technology. With Reeder I am able to quickly read and discard those articles I don’t want to read and then send to my Instapaper account those that might take me longer to read.

I hope these apps help some of you with your blogs, also let me know if you have any apps that you use on a regular basis to blog or create your web content. I’m always eager to try out something to make my writing better.



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