Journalism. Your supposed to be professional.

I understand journalists have to sell. They get paid to write articles that people are going to read. They should at least provide the actual news and not sensationalize it. Case in point an article on EMS from an ABC affiliate about the medics in North Carolina where they make a blatant attack on the providers there.

ABC EMS story

In the story they make it sensational that they discovered such things as:

But an I-Team review of disciplinary records for paramedics and EMTs across North Carolina for the past five years uncovered alleged behavior that may leave some wondering exactly who is in that ambulance coming to help.

We found multiple reports of misconduct in four key categories:

Cheating on exams
Criminal activity
Drug and alcohol problems
Misconduct on the job
The list of criminal charges that caused paramedics and EMTs to be stripped of their credentials includes:

Felony death by vehicle and driving while impaired
Felony indecent liberties with a child
Sexual exploitation of a minor
Child abuse
Felony embezzlement
Identity theft and credit card fraud

It does sound bad right? In fact when taken on just what’s stated it sounds horrible. As Ambulancesriverfilespoints out this was not the whole story. As the article Compare and contrast points out of all the disciplinary actions on the medics of North Carolina

That’s 40 out of 38,000, over a period of eleven years.

That’s 0.1% of North Carolina EMS personnel disciplined over 11 years.

Making that point wouldn’t be in the interest of good journalism, why? Because that would be presenting the facts. That’s not the purpose of journalism anymore I guess. Great job ambulancedriverfiles for finding this article and bringing some balance to the story. I don’t know about everyone else but I for one will be visiting the ABC article and leaving a comment letting them know what I think of their shoddy reporting.

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