Top 10 ways to celebrate the last EMS Week ever

I recently came upon an article from that posed the question if the end of the world was coming in December, what would be the best ways to celebrate EMS week for the last time? I especially liked their suggestion:

Hold a mass oxygen therapy seminar for nursing home nurses. It works just like a mass CPR training event but is much simpler. Divide your nurses into teams of two, and issue each team a soft, fluffy pillow. Have team members take turns holding the pillow over their partners’ faces while paramedics with megaphones roam the crowd, barking, “This is what it feels like to your hypoxic patients when you administer oxygen via face mask at two liters per minute!”

I especially enjoyed it because me and my partner had just come back from a nursing home where we went into a room for a patient in respiratory distress and found a non-rebreather mask on the patient going at 3 liters per minute. My partner tried to explain that this mask needed to be kept at a higher flow rate. Their response? “The oxygen tank would run out of oxygen faster.”

It’s amazing to me that no matter where we work we always seem to run into some of the same problems.

It is a very good and funny article and you should go check it out here: Top 10 ways to celebrate the last EMS Week ever

It got me thinking. How would I celebrate EMS week if it was the last EMS week ever? How would you all? The world is ending and you can celebrate EMS week any way you want. What would you do?


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