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Combat medic says:


True story.



Final beam of 4 World Trade Center lifted.

Many of us remember vividly where we were and what we were doing the day the Towers fell in New York. I hope to one day visit them when they reopen.

Today the final beam was lifted on 4 World Trade Center along with a US flag attached to the bottom. The new building is set to open in the Fall of next year.


Final Beam Lifted at the World Trade Center

And people complain about early morning cranky medics.

A news story caught my eye, and really how could it not, WOMAN MADE TO SIT NEXT TO CORPSE ON INTERNATIONAL FLIGHT. I read a little into it and found that there was an isle separating her from the dead body. For 10 hours!!! I sure hope the A/C was turned up.

And people complain about a medic being slightly cranky in the early morning hours when they call 911 for something they’ve been living with for weeks.

Woman made to sit next to corpse on flight

Well at least the lady did get half of her flight refunded. Next question, what does it take to get a full refund? Do you need to literally move the body around?!?

Sad but many times true.


Just thought I would make this since the last few calls have all been “rides”. Got to love the job.

Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to all the real and hardworking fathers out there. I’ve had to work today right alongside other great fathers and mothers out here for the public if they need us. Hope you and yours are well. God Bless.


Funny, we all got to keep a sense of humor.

A state trooper in Oregon pulls a vehicle over and as he walks up to the window the woman driver rolls down her window and says, “I bet your going to invite me to the Oregon State Troopers Ball”.

The officer replies, “Oregon State Troopers don’t have balls ma’am.”
There’s a moment of silence and then the state trooper tips his hat, closes his ticket pad and drives away.

Lol. Win!

Censorship of a nine year old.

I know this isn’t directly related to EMS. I also know that I am very concerned about the “couch potato” syndrome that is running rampant in America. I am overweight and am nowhere near a fitness or diet fanatic. It is concerning to me that kids can eat up to 4 amps worth of carbohydrates per meal. So it comes as a surprise when a 9 year old starts a blog about her school lunches and begins to promote a healthier diet. At first it seems the school encouraged her, after she began to get more notoriety she started to encourage people to donate to a charity Mary’s Meals.

So a newspaper prints a story about her and all of a sudden the school clamps down on her and will no longer allow her to take pictures of her lunches. In effect they have shut her blog down.

Part of me understands. My eleven year old son is not allowed to take his phone to school. At the same time it is interesting that they are changing whole rules in an attempt to stop pictures of food?!? That just makes me wonder what are they so afraid of?

Here’s the link to the story: Gizmodo

Here’s a link to her blog: Neverseconds

There are already close to 2000 comments on her latest post where she tells everyone she’s going to have to stop her blog. Here’s to hoping they convince her to continue.