Quick thinking 12 year old

A 12 year old girl who was driving in a vehicle with her grandfather had to think fast and act quicker. While driving down the highway her grandfather had a heart attack and died. His foot pressed down on the gas peddle and began to accelerate reaching speeds of approximately 80 miles per hour. Miranda Bowman, the 12 year old, then moved into action and began to steer and try to apply the brakes. She did crash but was able to do so without harming others or herself.

Fox ran the story here: Fox News

The girl later said her quick thinking was due to her father. Her father is an EMT and she says his teaching helped her keep a level head and react.

I’m sorry for the loss of her grandfather in such a shocking and sudden manner but I praise her quick thinking and desisive action that not only saved her life, but at those speeds most likely saved the lives of others.

Miranda Bowman
Miranda Bowman
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