Been gone a little bit

I have been missing in action a little bit from my blog, and for that I apologize. I have been incredibly busy, both with work and with my personal life. As I blogged a little bit ago we are undergoing some intensive training for the Flight Paramedic Certification at work. I have also been spending time with the family because my kids are about to start school again and I know I will see them much less then.

I also have replaced my old laptop with a new one. I didn’t buy anything expensive, I mainly write and surf the web with it so I do not need a top of the line computer. I had bought a very expensive HP Envy and while it was very nice, the screen was awesome, it was hugely overkill for me. It was 1400 dollars. I returned it and was about to buy a MacBook Pro when I stopped myself and made myself go home and think about my decision. The truth of the matter is that Macs are wonderful devices, I used to have a Mac Air and it never disappointed. But like I said earlier I do not need that much machine. I write, I blog, I surf the web and read. The MacBook Pro was going to be 1500 with the accidental replacement plan. (I always get these, I am kind of clumsy and I carry my laptop and electronics with me on the ambulance.)

I just bought myself an Acer, very cheap, at Target. Total out the door 389.00. That’s with a 80 dollar accidental replacement plan!

I am trying it out right now and even though it is nowhere near the quality or performance of my HP Envy or Mac I have had no problems typing on it or blogging with it.

So I am back!

I have a few things planned and hope to be on here much more often. I am planning a blog on the people that are putting on the refresher for the Flight Certified Paramedic exam. They have been very instructive and entertaining. While sometimes the information that they are giving us is way above our scope of practice, I am learning a lot and have found them very proficient in their work.

Some of the information that I have been learning is very beneficial to emergency medicine and am planning a few blogs detailing some of the literature and practices.

I am planning and hope to attend the Texas EMS Conference and if I am able to go will be doing multiple blogs throughout the event. It is scheduled for November.

I hope you are all doing well and hope to post more soon.


How have you all been?

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