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I guess students are the same everywhere.

The Probie to Practitioner blog just posted a story about ems students and their training on scene safety. They did bring one up I haven’t heard: sharks!

Here’s the link: Probie to practitioner freshwater shark


The problems of EMS, students miss the simple steps.

So a student is doing ride outs and after a particularly dirty nausea and vomiting call he is shown how to clean and disinfect a unit. The day continues and after a few calls there is a distinct smell of vomit permeating the air. The trash can is checked and nothing. The student is talked to and inspected but he comes up clean, the thought did cross minds that the student may have gotten his clothes dirty with the vomit from the patient.

Nothing doing, he comes up clean, but at the same time the smell of vomit is now clearly coming from the student. He is asked if he could have dropped his gloves somewhere after handling the patient and his vomit. The student says no, he explains how he took great care to take off his gloves in the way he had been taught.

Then a look of understanding and disgust washes over him. He says, “I may have put my gloved hands in my pockets to get something,” looking at his pockets, “what should I do?”

“Don't put your hands in your pocket.”

The look of pain washes over him, “man my pockets are full of my stuff.”

Moral of the story: don't put dirty gloves in your pockets. Or maybe it's don't put your stuff in your pockets. Or you know what, no moral, it was just a funny story.



Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self.

-Cyril Connolly

Where’s Waldo dispatch?


Dumbest 911 call ever, close but I think I have seen worse.