Health care and politics









So here is a question for all of you in the medical field. Or anyone who is politically inclined.

I know, at least here in Texas, we are feeling the pinch of Obamacare. Medicare and Medicaid as well as the insurance companies are not paying sufficient. All EMS transports seem to be being rejected without any cause just to prevent payment. Fraud, while being attacked, is still running rampant. Hospitals are struggling to make a profit. It is true that many no longer want to deal with Medicare patients, home health agencies and even nursing homes are taking only so many Medicare patients if they take any at all, at the same time many with insurance can’t pay for treatments they need because of deductibles and their portion of the payments.

Emergency services are struggling. It is true that for a long time there was fraud in EMS and there still is, the problem now is there are insufficient funds to cover expenses for even legit running companies. A south Texas county, Hidalgo county, has close to 100 different ambulance services. From ambulance services that run with the bare minimum required to get a state certification to ambulances that are running with top of the line equipment. Regardless many of the medics have trouble cashing their check due to insufficient funds.

I do not know what the correct course of action is but I am seeing a breaking point approaching.

I don’t know the exact specifications of Obamacare but I did understand that Romney thinks it is spending too much money.

So how’s cutting more into medicare and government funding going to be the solution to an already strained system? Are tax cuts for hospitals and insurance companies going to be enough to set our health care reforms in order?

I think we need more fraud enforcement in all sectors, but will that be enough to benefit the citizens. Any thoughts?

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