Facebook post leads to another termination.

A CareFlight medic that posted on Facebook a rant about an anonymous patient was terminated and has been deemed a ‘just’ termination by the courts. As I understand it wasn’t just for the post about slapping a patient, but also for the responses sent after a superior from the company talked to them about the post.

I have to admit that I am conflicted about this, part of me feels that Facebook is private and some of the stuff we post on there is for our family and friends and shouldn’t be seen by the general public. Another part of me does see that sometimes we can lose the respect of the public by some of the posts that are posted everyday.

You can read the article and decide for yourself if you think it was justified or not, regardless I can see many more of these types of terminations in the future.

Here is the link: EMS1.com

    • yourtaxishere
    • October 16th, 2012

    I am sure you know this, but facebook is not private. Anything you post online is visible to many. I suppose if you set your profile to private it will only be visible to your friends and family. My brother is a Los Angeles Sheriff and he advises me that Sheriff and Police can subpeona facebook or any of the socail media sites for your data if you are committing criminal activity. Facebook will then send everything you have ever done on their site. This includes deleted status updates, chat conversations, etc…..Beware big brother is watching. Thank you for the post, we all must be aware of what were writing about online.

    • I agree, I was advising on a legal case and saw how they trapped a medic by asking him if he knew his company policy on social media while at work. He said he did, he said it was not allowed. Next thing they do is bring out a 2 inch binder filled with pages of his Facebook posts while on duty, they also had his schedule to match his posts.
      You can imagine how damaging that was, especially with some of the pictures he would post.

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