Texas EMS Conference so far

So far I have been having a great time, fellow EMS brothers and sisters from Texas have been seen all throughout the city and it has been a blast. I am not sure I should be writing this since part of “blast” has also been drinking a few beers, I hope like myself all my EMS family is being safe out there. Tomorrow the classes begin and I hope to bring some of the information I receive to you, my audience. I have met many different and inspiring people and am working on at least 3 bios from the exhibit hall. I always leave these EMS conferences filled with hope and pride for what so many of you do for all of us.

I hope you are all safe and enjoying life wherever you are and promise to keep you updated. We are a young field when you take everything into consideration, we have been in existence much less than fire and police departments, but we have made great strides and hope it continues. I am getting ready for bed as I type this and hope to learn much tomorrow.

Good night.

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