Texas EMS Conference, the awards ceremony.

The awards ceremony for Texas EMS were held today in Austin at the EMS Conference. Some of the awards that were announced were:

  • EMS Public Information/Injury Prevention – Fayette County EMS, La Grange
  • EMS CitizenJasiah Rubalcava, San Antonio
  • EMS TelecommunicatorPatricia Ancelet, Nederland
  • EMS EducatorRonna Miller, Dallas
  • Designated Trauma FacilityCitizens Medical Center, Victoria
  • EMS AdministratorBryan Taylor, Seminole
  • EMS Medical DirectorHenry Boehm, Brenham
  • EMS First ResponderKemah Fire Department, Kemah
  • EMS ProviderAustin County EMS, Bellville
  • EMS Person of the YearPhillip Rogers, Fort Worth
  • EMS Hall of FameVan Williams, Webster
  • GETAC’s Journey of ExcellenceRonald Steward, San Antonio
  • Hall of Honor (line of duty deaths)Michael Hatley of Houston, December 29, 2011, and Michael Steffen of Salt Flat, March 12, 2012.

It was a packed house and it reached a near boiling point when the colors were raised and tribute was paid to those that have died in the past year who are our brothers and sisters in emergency situations. I am very proud to say that you could hear a pin drop in the entire area as we stood for the ceremony. As is custom a table was left out for those that have been lost, as we never forget them.


The flags that were given to the families is a small consolation for the loss that they have felt but I believe that any of us know the risk and would feel honored to have our peers stand at attention to say goodbye.


I personally thank each and every one of you that go out there and do this job each and every day. We all know the survival rate for anyone is zero at some point, so let's enjoy each day and do what we must with spirit and vigor. I feel blessed that I was able to see this ceremony and have to say that as the bagpipes were played while the color guard marched out of the location many in attendance were reminded of those that have gone before their time and wept. They were tears of pain but also of some solace. We were all family in that room at that time.

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