12 lead cheat sheets, gotta love them.

At the Texas EMS Conference  Memorial Hermann hospital had a booth that was handing out little cheat sheets for 12 leads. These are great in my opinion. I do think that you need to have a working knowledge of 12 leads and how to interpret them as well as have a general layout of where infarcts will be seen. The problem is we sometimes go periods without seeing specific types of ECG rhythms. Lack of constant refreshing can lead quickly to mistakes. I have many different pictures on my phone relating to EMS, I don’t always need to look at them but sometimes on down time I will review them. When I first started in EMS I wouldn’t do too much of this, I can honestly say that it has been a big help to me. When taking a class such as AMLS or refreshing for ACLS or PALS I can say this helps me grasp more of the information being presented.

So without further delay, I present to you the 12 lead cheat sheet. I figure that since they were giving them out to promote their hospital for free they won’t mind if I post up a picture and encourage you all to use it. Go Memorial Hermann. Just in case I have to take it down soon though there are plenty of guides online and available through the mail. In fact I will be working on another post of a company that specifically does cheat sheets for all sorts of ECG and 12 lead interpretations including quick measuring guides and transparent windows to judge ST elevation.


On the flip side there is a handy guide for quick heart block interpretations.


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