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Happy New year’s

Hope you are all doing well on this new years eve and hope you all have a bigger, better and happier 2013. Happy New year’s!

To all of you keeping us safe and working the streets in EMS, fire or police departments I hope it goes as well as can be expected. Thank you and God bless.


Shootings in the USA

I am sorry if some of you are offended with what I am about to write, frankly it is offensive to me having to write it.

I have really refrained from writing on the recent rash of shootings in the United States. Part of it is I don't really want to give any further publicity to these mad men that have taken so many innocent lives. I have kids and I have seen what guns can do to children and the fact that a human can go in and shoot these unsuspecting little ones appalls me. It is a hard issue to talk about, too much passion is involved. I believe when too much passion is involved there is a chance that we will lose objectivity.


I think of Sandy Hook and all the courageous people that stood up against evil, but were swatted down like flies.

The Aurora theatre shooting, I enjoyed the Batman movies and my little sister was at an early viewing that night, how can they deserve to be attacked?


Now the firefighters in New York. Responding to a fire just like any other and they get gunned down without warning. Lives cut short for no reason. It could of been any of us out there, gunned down as we respond to a routine emergency. It could be any of our children, gunned down going to their classes, the last thing on their mind just being what fun they could have later.

The problem I run into when trying to deal with the issue is it's hard to face the complexity of it. Most people try to simplify it too much. It's the video games and movies, really? That's your answer to a problem we have had in America for at least 50 years? Japan has way more violence and sex in their media but they don't have the massive numbers of gun deaths every year. In 2008, for example, Japan had a reported 11 gun related deaths while here in America we had 12,000. Now some of you might say there is a huge population gap, and you would be right, but it is a gap of 1:3, so even if we accounted for population differences we would only go up to 33 deaths by guns for Japan if everything stayed current. 12,000 deaths in just one year here in America. This is not counting the suicides by guns, or the injuries by guns!

Other people say it's the lack of God in schools. That always strikes me as particularly low on the part of Christians who spread that notion. Is God so weak as to be so easily removed from public buildings? Does he need a constitutional amendment allowing him to enter? Many people also forget that during the same time that we have been having record numbers of school shooting deaths we have also been having deaths in churches, is God not allowed in church either? Is God banned in firehouses too? Is that why he allowed those firefighters to be gunned down?

Here is why I say complexity: guns are the problem. Plain and simple. Every country that has curtailed it's gun violence problem has done so by massive regulations on guns. Massive.

Guns are, however, a way of life in America. I am writing this knowing that I am being hypocritical because I am a proud gun owner. I have a license to carry a concealed weapon. I carry a loaded gun with me whenever I am off duty and with my family. The only reason I have taken tactical courses for EMS and SWAT is because I am terrified of the day I am asked to respond to my children's school because someone has walked in there with a gun and decided that was the best way to get their name etched in the history books.

So guns are the problem but nothing is going to happen. In America nothing can be done about it, no matter how loud actors scream for a change.

I will repeat it, nothing will change. Unless the government decides to come in and buy or forcibly take back the millions and millions of guns (that's millions and millions of legal guns) nothing significant is going to change. Nothing. So while guns are the problem (I will be glad to hear comments on my analysis of the situation and if it is correct or not, in my opinion there is no question really) guns are also the answer.

That's right, I am saying guns are both the problem and the solution.

The NRA is crazy stupid when it comes to public relations. You want to know why? Because they don't have to care. They have enough people in power that are going to vote down any significant gun initiatives that they are not worried. They are right when it comes to having armed protection in schools. I'm not talking about arming teachers, but police forces inside schools that are trained on how to react to an active shooter is a must. Police force.

I have heard the crazy talk about arming medics and firefighters on the web, I will at some point have enough time to dedicate a blog about my thoughts on that, but for now I want to make it clear. We do need armed police inside each and every school that are trained on how to deal with violent and armed gunmen, because unfortunately no one else can help. The President of the United States of America and both the Senate and the House can do nothing.

It literally pains my heart and body to say it, but another shooting is coming. All we can do is brace ourselves and prepare to attempt to save as many children as we can.

I want to formally say my condolences to all the families of the loved ones lost in Sandy Hook, the New York Firefighters and the countless others who lose loved ones every day to violence of any kind. I also want to thank all of you first responders, paramedics, firefighters and police officers. We walk out there into the night and do battle with evil, we battle death itself, may you all make it safely home.

Good outlook on life

I have recently been working on a very hard post for me to write. It has been involving the school shooting as well as tons of other shootings that happen every day in America. I may have enough to put it up shortly, but being in that dark area I think I need to post this up in the meantime just as an uplifting ideal.




Beer is good

This was posted on a sister blog site. It was quickly the biggest blog on that sites history. Very funny with everything that blog posts, but it is a pretty neat little picture. Does anyone know where it originally can be found?




A little bit of ems humor

I overheard this a few days back, as a student talked to the paramedic she was doing ride outs with,

“I can’t wait until I have my first full arrest and bring them back, you know a real save.”
The paramedic looks over and straight into the students eyes and says, “You know saving a life isn’t just CPR, IVs and intubations, sometimes we save a person’s life just by taking them out of a bad nursing home.”

A decade of emergency work teaches you things.

Pigs lung being ventilated.


A pig's lung being ventilated, towards the end of the video they begin to increase the peep to show what the difference is.