Improving EMS 1.5

Recently I began writing small blogs about methods to improve EMS. I have posted one and already some of the responses have led me to new insights.

First I must tell you all that having readers that provide feedback is very educational for me. Thank you.

Second, I think something that could help, in the same topic of education and how it can help improving EMS, is our graduation ceremonies. Currently in many of the programs little to no emphasis is given to graduation of EMS personnel. I think this has to change. We have to give the graduation of new EMTs the importance it deserves. As instructors we have to encourage students to go to the graduation ceremony. We need to invite the leaders of the field in your area to come and speak to the new graduates. State representatives in charge of EMS regulation should be encouraged to come and speak, to introduce themselves and what their role (no matter how small that role may be depending on what state they’re in) in EMS is. As senior medics we need to take a few moments to encourage and lead.

Oh how I think that word is misrepresented. “Leader”, all too often senior medics think it gives them a free pass to just torture new people. Don’t get me wrong, a little ribbing is expected. Funny times for all. But some take it too far. This, however, is a topic for another post.

I am mentoring a student for a local college and I take it very seriously. I want to encourage them to be the best they can be. I am not of the theory that you have to learn a lot about EMS once you are out there working on your own. Sure you will learn a lot and sure we have to be ready to learn for the entire time we spend in our career. That is true of life in general I believe. There is a lot that can be learned before you go out on your own as a medic. As senior medics we can help with that. We can also help by celebrating along with them the next generation of medics.

While we are on this topic, what do you all consider a good gift for a new paramedic graduate? A Littman is always good, any other good ideas?

“Prioritize. You can’t expect to remember everything you need to know in EMS if you spend all shift on Facebook or watching TV. Refresh on some info during your down time.”

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