When people say pay is not an important aspect to improve for our medics I turn and give them the great medics that have to leave the field for a better life for them and their families.

There are many competent medics, but great medics, that study the art of emergency medicine, that push the boundaries in a calm and professional manner, that don’t settle for average are few to come by.

I have met a few during my career. Unfortunately almost all have now moved on to different careers outside of Ems. Today I was approached by a newer medic, he’s been in the field only a few years but I really think he has the potential to become great, and have been told he will most likely be leaving the field. It isn’t that he doesn’t love it, it isn’t that he isn’t progressing in it, it’s just that he is not making enough to justify staying in Ems when there is more money he could be making for doing a lot less.

I have heard it said, “in emergency medicine you can have fast service, cheap service or excellent service. But you can only choose two!”

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