Donkey Ambulance

No this isn’t a funny post about an ambulance provider, or an ambulance for donkeys. In some parts of the world where emergency medical care is almost nonexistent cheap alternatives have to be developed. One such device is what they are calling a Donkey Ambulance. It is basically a device that helps transport people on top of a donkey. It looks to be marketed for pregnant females and is already being tested in Afghanistan.

It amazes me that there are such huge differences between healthcare. I possibly have a complaint against me because in the pouring rain I tracked some mud into a persons house. This after I carried his screaming elderly wife out of there, she had a chronic pain condition that was made worse by a fall, treated her, gave her pain medications on the way to the hospital and even kept her dry as me and my partner got soaked. While people in other countries have to rely on a 100 dollar donkey ambulance to transport their pregnant wives over mountains. 


Here’s the link.

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