On my followers

I want to tell all of you that follow my little blog thank you. I want you all to know that I do not consider myself worthy.

I have always liked to write and I have loved EMS since I began. With writing its a love and hate relationship. When I get what I was trying to say across I love it, when I look back at my writing and critique it I hate it. I am going to try to stay on a more consistent schedule with my original content. Time constraints always get the best of me. Well that and my easily distracted mind.

I am going to try to post all original content on Saturdays, but by that I mean things I comment on or create. No reblogs without comment, no pictures that aren’t mine. On Mondays I’m going to try to post a longer essay on something EMS related. Be it treatment, commentary or anything I generally am asked about.

I would like to start having giveaways and maybe even contests but I still am not ready. I’m hoping by the first quarter of next year I will have more scheduled time.

I hope you are all doing well out there, stay safe and remember that no matter where we are from, at the end of the day, whether we like it or not, we are part of a massive, multicultural, worldwide, and yes at times crazy family.


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