Why I’m in EMS

I’ve been asked why or how I got into EMS. I got into EMS because…..

Well that’s not an easy question to answer. Part of it had to do with being able to help others. My brother had asthma as a child and on a few times he almost didn’t make it to the ER. I’m sure that had an impact on me wanting to help others. In fact to this day my absolute favorite type of call is asthma and anaphylaxis. I love pushing epi and moments later seeing the relief rushing to their face as they take a breath and it goes in through a slightly clearer airway.

Part of it is because it looked like a cool job. I remember the first time a paramedic pulled up to my brother and started coaching his breathing while he got his equipment ready. Calm in a sea of chaos is the only way I describe cool now.

Part of it began as penance. I, like most people in their youth, was not always a saint and after many years of examining myself have found I wanted to pay for some of my mistakes. Some of the people I hurt. I gave a lot of myself to EMS. At first it felt like penance, slowly my flirting with EMS became a full fledged love affair. Once it gets into your blood it’s hard to shake off. I’m sure it’s like this for many careers. My father is a welder, done it for so many years now he associates with it. It’s a part of him. I’ve seen it in firefighters too. There’s a police officer who was shot 9 times by a criminal who’s life he had saved years back. After multiple surgeries, rehab and a ton of hard work he came back to the field. On a tactical training we were both taking part of I asked him why he came back especially after all that. He said, “it’s a part of me.”

That’s me with EMS now, slowly, sometimes painfully, but finally, “it’s a part of me.”

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