A little on anaphylaxis

I have always been adamant about prompt and aggressive anaphylaxis treatment. I believe it started when one patient was crashing right in front of my eyes and initially we were more concerned about trauma than his allergic reaction. You see we were called out to the scene of a man who dove into a shallow drainage canal and had a head injury. No one bothered to tell us he dove into the water because he was being chased by hundreds of bees and was stung repeatedly prior to jumping and knocking himself unconscious. Once we started to see different signs and symptoms and someone finally got word to us about what started everything we realized we were not only dealing with the trauma but a severe anaphylactic reaction. 

JEMS recently posted a short article on anaphylaxis and what some of the new treatments should be. The link to the article is here:  http://www.jems.com/article/features/critical-updates-assessment-management-a and I highly recommend it. 

The fact that some anaphylactic emergencies will not present with hives or edema has always been a cause of concern for me. I have hopefully not missed any anaphylactic patients thinking I was dealing with something else. Keeping in mind that we should always be open to the possibility of anaphylaxis with any patient in cardiovascular collapse is brilliant. 

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