“No really great man ever thought himself so.” – William Hazlitt

I recently heard this quote and it struck something in me. The person that was saying it was talking about Greatness and what that means. He goes on to talk about overcoming one’s self and how that is usually the hardest part.

This is so true it actually hides itself in plain sight.

I have seen it in all facets of life. From the neighbors who race to beat each others yard. The teens who need the latest sneakers or cell phone just to fit in. The church member who has to be the one chosen to help or they’re upset. The paramedic who cares more about certifications and glory than the patient care he is rendering. 

In reality they should be focused on self improvement rather than a meaningless race against a non-opponent.

They say the first step is the hardest but in reality sometimes every step on a journey is tough. First, second, middle, and last. But greatness isn’t achieved easily. You don’t get to greatness with a few easy steps or a half assed few tries.

You plug away at it. You feed that need to become better. You stumble, sometimes you fall.

But greatness comes from getting up, learning from our failures and pushing on.

Don’t start next week, don’t start tomorrow. Let’s start today.

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