Link to article about new fentanyl abuse spreading.

The new street drug to watch: Acetyl fentanyl

Be observant out there you guys, fentanyl seems to be catching on. This story was brought up to me by @itsjasonstark on Tumblr and it can very well be the beginning of a new go to drug in the streets. Fentanyl and Acetyl fentanyl will hit like an opiate but depending on the dosage and the mixture used can be extreme and sudden. I have personally already dealt with a few overdoses involving fentanyl and in one extreme case a teen was ingesting fentanyl patches. As you can imagine the overdose will look like any opiate overdose but narcan could be rendered ineffective depending on the dosage taken. Fentanyl patches will continue to release the drug for long periods of time. In some cases higher doses of narcan can be effective but may only be short acting. In the case of the teen ingesting fentanyl patches he had to be intubated and treatment didn’t bring him back until 24 hours later. 

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