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Death of ER co-worker’s family member

This was submitted to me anonymously.

I feel bad every time I see her.

It’s been months since me and my coworkers had to try to save her husband’s life. We did everything we could but he had been dead for too long, whatever it was that killed him did not let him return. I know I tried as hard as I could, became very aggressive in my medication administration, made sure CPR was being done as we carried him down multiple flights of stairs. It was no use and while I think I know she knows we did everything we could, I feel empty in front of her. I can walk into the ER smiling but my smile disappears once I see her. Is it that I met her children and don’t know if they can smile like I can?


STEMI in the field


Excellent STEMI caught in the field.

Story goes the patient had an onset of severe chest pain 15 minutes prior to EMS being activated, tried his nitro but no change. Called EMS and was showing an inferior MI on 12 lead. Since an inferior MI can be affecting the right ventricle a reverse 12 lead was performed and V4 was examined. No elevation noted. Patient treated and transported, both 12 leads transmitted and STEMI alert issued to receiving ER. Patient treated during transport for the MI. Total time from onset of chest pain to patient being in the cath lab: under 40 minutes.

I think, from what I was told, the receiving doctor activated everyone as soon as he saw the 12 lead he received. I’m not trying to say doctors don’t trust the medics when a STEMI alert is issued without the ability to transmit, but it does sound as if the doctor lit a fire under everyone involved to get this patient in and out of his ER as fast as possible.Stemi 1st Stemi 2