Consequences and repercussions

Funny story that happened a medic. Please, no one attempt to reproduce, you could get into a lot of trouble with the hospital staff.

Close to where I work there is an emergency room where the restrooms can easily be opened from the outside by just sliding the unlock mechanism and pulling the door open, it’s a safety feature for patients. Well one medic went into the restroom after delivering a patient and kept getting pestered by his partner from outside the door. We’ll call the medic inside Pete and the one annoying him Dick.

Dick would keep messing with Pete just outside the restroom door. This annoyed Pete. On the way out Pete triggered the emergency button in the restroom. Dick walked in and sat down to handle his business. Moments later there was a knock on the door, a nurse was asking if everything was alright. She was accompanied by a security guard and a tech. Dick of course didn’t buy it was a nurse, he was sure it was someone from registration Pete had put up for the job.

After a few knocks the nurse asked if he was ok, Dick answered he was in a lot of pain. Not even two seconds later the door was unlocked and open and somewhere, obviously not in my possession, there is a video of this classic moment. In all honesty Dick might have been telling the truth, he sure was straining as the door swung open.

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