Weekly Link Post 8/6/15

I read a lot of blogs and posts about EMS. Many times I store the information on my computer and many times I don’t publish it because the post just gets too long, sometimes it just doesn’t get done. I’m hoping to remedy some of this by posting once per week about good articles, information or blogs that I see and take notice in. I will add a quick little description about what the articles are about with the hope that you can go and check them out on your own. If anyone has any articles or blog posts that you think would be good for us to read feel free to send us an email and let us know. I’m always eager to read good quality content.

Medic Madness – Why Paramedics are Going to Lose Intubation:

I wrote a little bit about this in my post about intubations, this is still a great read. Explains some of the major pitfalls that are still active in EMS education. Take a read and understand that it is truth he is saying, no matter how much I wish he wasn’t.

EMS1.com – EMT refused to respond; I can’t find a reason to withhold judgement:

The story has dominated a lot of social media. A medic is being sent to help in a pediatric cardiac arrest in a first response vehicle as an ambulance is sent from a longer distance away. The medic not only refuses to respond at that time, but never even arrives.

WHNT.com – New pilot program will increase the number of paramedics statewide:

Paramedic shortages are not new, new program is putting students done with their general education requirements into a straight to paramedic program. The first year is about to begin and I’m sure many are waiting to see what the outcome will be.

The Morning Call – Man overdosing on synthetic marijuana knocks out paramedic with kick:

Paramedic knocked out as overdose patient becomes combative. Synthetic marijuana is blamed and the problem is growing.

INDYSTAR – Paramedic fired for her diabetes wins disability discrimination suit:

I have been asked about this in the past. Does a disease such as diabetes prevent you from working in EMS? Recent court ruling would point to a resounding no. It wasn’t just that the medic was fired, but that the medical director had clear directions on how to proceed and what steps needed to be taken to allow the medic to work and were ignored.

Hope you enjoy some of these and remember to let me know if you have any articles or posts you have enjoyed. They can be recent or just very well written pieces you would like to share. Until then stay safe out there.

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