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I am very happy you stopped by, it has taken me quite a while to come up with this site even though I have wanted to do it for a very long time. I think for us in the EMS field it is not very populated online with sites where we can just stop in and see some articles and content aimed just at us. I’m also not talking about sites that just want to sell us something, it being CE, equipment or the latest work clothes. I’m talking about a site that you can come to and read a few interesting articles about our field and some new treatments, maybe find something funny in a story someone has posted, a video of a medic performing a procedure or a Rage comic about medics. If it has something to do with EMS I want it to be able to have it’s place here. I thank you for stopping by and hope to see you here often.

Letter to a stethoscope thief, link to original story posted below.

Dear Douchebag;

You stole my stethoscope.

Granted, I left it on the truck over night, so I bear some responsibility for your theft of my stethoscope, but you still stole it.

It was underneath the control panel in the back when I got off the truck, and you were the only one who got anywhere near it over 12 hours. As a matter of fact, your partner that you worked with that night said you were the only one who even got in the back.

Nobody climbed into the back of the ambulance while you were posted, or at a hospital, to steal my stethoscope, and only my stethoscope, leaving the good drugs in the box.

You kind of gave it away when you took off real quick this morning.

My stethoscope is a 27 inch Littman Master Cardiology black edition. My wife gave it to me for Christmas. She also personalized it by purchasing the red binaurals with the grey eartips. So it’s unique. Nobody else has one like it. But you wouldn’t know that, since you are the kind of person who would steal another medic’s stethoscope.

And I took it to a jeweler to have my name engraved on it. Not on the chest piece, but inside. If you don’t know it’s there, you would never look for it.

I am going to catch you with my stethoscope at work, and I am going to take it back.

And then I am going to expose you for the stethoscope thief that you are.

It’s mine, and I want it back.



Letter to a thief

Letter to a thief

Nice letter to a thief, and haven’t we all had some of our equipment stolen?